Blumat mini-hose union (3mm), white

Blumat 3 mm mini-hose union

With the small Blumat kit and 12 carrots or with the XL kit and 40 in a pressure system, the 8 mm Blumat tubing works great. But when you start doing something much larger than that, you may want to start using 1/2" or 3/4" drip tube line. These 3 mm transfer barbs make it easy to do that. Just puch a small hole in your main line (see our Universal Hole Punch) and put one of these in between your Blumat 3 mm line and your main supply pipe. And if you really want to make it convenient, add the 3 mm Quick Connect or better still the 3 mm Quick Connect with auto stop.


Product: B-IG15520 (Blumat 3 mm Transfer Barbs)
Price: $0.43

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